Let your yes be your yes

At work, I am Promises-350x173constantly harping on my team to keep their word.  When we tell I client that we will do something or can do something, we follow through with those promises I am fascinated by how much God’s words line up with even my professional life.  In James 5:12 the bible reads, “…let your yes be your yes and you no be your no.” Like I said before, God is in everything because he created everything.  He created organizations, businesses, clients, partners, everything. When we treat our clients as God says, we let our light shine and they are drawn to the light of our honesty, integrity, commitment and kindness.  Jesus is the center of my professional brand — what is the center of yours?

Time for Everything?

Because my schedule is a bit crazy and as always there is so much I want to do, be apart of, be on top of, I have had to rethink the alignment of my life.  Recently, I was walking around Kirklands and saw the most relevant wall art.  It said, “I am every woman but not all at the same time.”  While in the store, I just had to pause a moment on that one. Wow – simple yet so profound.  This morning I am reminded also that God says, “There is a time for everything.” (Isn’t it crazy how God has been saying the same things that we find profound from others [even Kirklands wall art] forever.) So, as I try to figure out how I make it all work in my crazy fall schedule, I realize that maybe I don’t have to make it all work.  I just need to decide the things that are going to be apart of my fall and let the rest be apart of the next season.  God sure has it right (although I shouldn’t be surprised).  There is indeed, “… is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens (Ecclesiastes 3:1).”  Time to decide what is my fall priority so that I can also make room for God’s purposes.  What is your priority this fall? What have you had to shift to the next season? 

Be blessed!

The Fall Reset

Cubscouts is starting, baseball season is here, I have volunteered to help with the 3rd grade science experiment,  our family bible study is gearing up, and this is the crazy season for my office.  Summer is now officially over and the fall flurry has begun.  I woke up yesterday and said to my husband, “The summer is over babe and fall is here – are you ready?” We have to get pumped because for us, this is our busiest time of year.  So off I go into planning mode trying to arrange our lives to make it all work.

After mapping out the plan for this season, I woke up today feeling refreshed and ordered, so, I decided to write (which I have had very little time for over the past year or so).  As I wrote, I felt a peacefulness that I have been missing.  A peacefulness that centers me and calms me – a peacefulness I absolutely love.   In that quiet peace, God loudly said, “Your world is not ordered until I am the center of it.” I then navigated to my God Applied page and saw that my last post was Nov. 2016 and decided that the most important aspect of my day, my fall, my life has to be the time with God that truly brings peace that passes understanding.  ws_Beautiful_Autumn_Trees_&_Path_2560x1600

I could not simply hurry off to work after that.  I needed more time with Jesus.  So, I stopped off a Panera ordered a sandwich and had breakfast with a dear old friend – Jesus.  I shut out my to-do’s and turned into his voice and his word.  I opened up my Bible App and there it was,  2 Thessalonians 2: 14, “It was to this end that He called you through our gospel, so that you may obtain and share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

I was not called simply to juggle my kids schedule, volunteer, manage my staff, and accomplish all of my many personal goals (and I have a lot of them), but I was called so that I may not only be blessed by the glory of God but that I would make time to share that glory with others.  God Applied is one of the ways that I share the Glory of God.  So, I am back.  Expect to hear from me — expect to hear the application of God’s word, his love and his heart to every area of life imaginable.  He is in everything because he created everything. Stay Tuned…

Be blessed!



Untitled; Simply My Heart

Rescue me from the mire, do not let me sink.  Deliver me from those who hate me, from the deep waters.  Psalm 69:4

In a time where such feelings of difficulty and distress are around you, do not sink. Do not sink to the hatefulness of those around you.  Do not sink to becoming someone that you are not because of the hurt that you feel about the open, unapologetic, unabashed hate.  Do not lash out in anger based upon the overwhelming feelings that are too much to bare.  Pray that God delivers you from sin in the midst of the intense feelings that are stirred each time the “righteous” around you are clueless, insensitive, or simply due to their privilege have no concept for your reality.  Fight to maintain the love within you.  Fight to maintain peace.  Fight to continue your walk with God in spite of the hurt caused by the brothers and sisters that you may see each week.  Continue to see God and not them.  Continue to see God’s words and not theirs.  Continue to speak God’s words and not words to attempt to shed light to a life that others will never understand.

Dear God:  Thank you for the peace that you are trying to give me and that I am trying to receive.  Thank you for the tears that you are helping me to work through.  Thank you that even though some will never understand, you do.  Continue to deliver me from those who hate me, from those who hate others, and from those who are unaware of both.  Thank you God that you always understand my heart, my fears, and my pain.

Life — Like a Vapor


Vapor  Over and over when I was younger I remember my father saying that life is like a vapor. More and more as I watch those I have known and love pass away around me, it becomes even more clear. While I know that many things in this life are outside of my ability to reason, death is by far the biggest.

How is it that someone can exist one moment and in the next few moments just suddenly be gone with no earthly return. I am not so naïve to think that I am the only one to have experienced this, nor so arrogant to think that it only matters when I am feeling it, but at this very moment, I am stunned, baffled, and in all kinds of disbelief about the reality that life truly is a vapor.

Vapor is here in one instance and gone the next. Vapor cannot be contained and maintained because by its very existence it evaporates just like each of our lives eventually. Today, my poor mother and her siblings lost their last living parent; and my 94 yr old great grandmother lost her baby, her only child. They were just looking at him, laughing with him, praying over him, and hugging him and now those physical expressions cease.

Life is such a beautiful thing but right now in this very moment, I am not sure about how I feel about the circle of it.

While I know spiritually that physical death is not the end; the human person in me gets to process the meaning and hurt of physical loss – and for me – this is how I do it. #LoveyouGrandpa #myfirstdancepartner

Write the Vision and Make it Plain 

As I prepared our home to go be seen by potential buyers, I came across a somewhat pencil-smeared sheet of writing paper on the side of our fridge with a host of pictures, magnets, and other announcements.  The sheet of paper was kind of buried behind the other items so I had not seen it for about a year.  The sheet of paper I found was the list of desires, goals, and dreams that my husband and I came up with for the first five years of our marriage. 

After a year of not looking at it, I honestly forgot what we wrote; but in the house prepping frenzy, I took a moment to look at it before sticking it into the nearby kitchen drawer.  What I realized was amazing.  God really is in everything.  As I was prepping our home, I was blessed by the realization that without us even realizing it, God had been bringing our 5-year vision not just to fruition but more than half within the first year.  For me it was a wow moment but then again, this is the same God, the only God that can create the world with just the words of His mouth.  It’s like God is always amazing me and always bringing the scriptures to life in my life.  This morning my heart is overjoyed and my spirit is humbled and thankful.  Just as the proverb says, every word of God really is true.  This morning I am excited about what God has done and I am looking forward to what he will do. 

Thank you God for meeting not just my needs but providing (in magnanimous fashion) my wants. 

#Blessed to be a blessing! 

The Midnight Shift

I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety. (Ps 4.8)

Most of us work conventional hours known as the “first shift”. We work a common 9-5 type of schedule. These are the workers most known within the organization. Everyone knows that they work and what they do for the organization, but they are not the only ones that keep an organization afloat. The first shifters are typically out in the forefront. Everyone cheers the bottom line when a company gets new business but what about the proposal team that worked all night for many nights in a row to prepare the winning bid. Everyone appreciates a beautiful wedding but what about the wedding planner that was up all night for months working through the details. Sometimes the most important work happens not in the first shift with the people most in the forefront, but with the folks in the background – those working the “the midnight shift”.

A dear friend of mine always says Latoya rest and let Jesus work the midnight shift. Sometimes we want to see Jesus show up from 9-5 so that we know exactly what he is doing and how he is doing it but usually his efforts are working behind the scenes and we never see the miracles and blessings coming. Sometimes (ok many times) we may not even realize that all that has happened for us with such perfect alignment is Jesus’ midnight shift work.

About two months ago, I was having weird pains and aches. Day after day I would pray about 70 healing scriptures and after many doctor’s appointments and being sent to a specialist, tests found that I apparently had had an ulcer. The cool thing is that they didn’t need to treat it – it was already healed. That was happening the entire time – on Jesus’ midnight shift.

I have come to realize that while I thought it was one of those cool Baptist clichés that I have grown up hearing and knowing, I now know that it is much more meaningful than that. Jesus really is working the midnight shift. He is really working out the details when we think and feel that we are alone with no idea how things will work out. I don’t know what He is doing even now or how; and I can’t even tell anything is happening but in the midst of everything, I will lie down in peace, and I will rest because I know Jesus really is handling the midnight shift.

Be blessed!

Recovering Type A


My name is Latoya Morris and I am recovering Type A.  I don’t know much about the 12 step program but I do know that the first step is acknowledging there is a problem.  Today I recognize not just that I am a Type A but that I don’t want to be, there is no need to be, and that my life cannot be sustained being one.  Accomplishing is great and for me it truly a high but it can kill me just like any other substance causing a high.  Jesus was not a Type A, yet Jesus accomplished so much.  In just 3 years, He changed the world.  He didn’t have a schedule, commitments, a project plan, or an Outlook Calendar.  Hostessing perfect dinner parties, reading books on being more awesome, and living by his scheduled out life;  He just took his queue’s from his Father, stayed focus on the plans God had for him, and executed them. He leisurely loved others, purposefully cared for others, and without hesitation gave to others.  

Yesterday, I had an endoscopic test to see what was causing some issues I have had for about 5 weeks.  Turns out that I have a small hiatal hernia.  It is small and is managed with limitation of certain foods, drinks, and stress.  This morning I started thinking about my lifestyle changes and realized the biggest change I can make is to follow the steps that Jesus has already ordered for me. I can eat more “clean” and juice more and that’s great but to ease my stress, I can simply do a better job following God’s plans for me daily.  (Makes me want to write a post — Trading in your stress ball for Jesus :))

Just as God had a plan for Jesus during his time on earth.  God has a plan for me.  Being a Type A cannot be inline with following that plan. God is not a God of anxiety, stress, over commitment, or need to accomplish.  While I may be serving, writing, loving, inspiring, and growing in God’s word, I still have a long way from walking along on the plan God has for me.  

Today it is my desire to not look like the harried, rushed, overcommitted, overscheduled woman I have been all my life; but to begin to look more like God.  I pray for the personality change to move from the type A into a personality centered on God’s mission, living in God’s flow, doing what God wants me to do, how, and when he wants me to do it.  Being a type A can kill me but being a type G(od) brings a more abundant life to me and all those around me. Thank you God for getting my attention and giving me the subtle reminder. 

Be blessed! 

Not All Moms Have Kids


For many women today is the day where they are celebrated for having children, but for some it is the day that they are reminded in a large way that they do not.  Mother’s Day celebrates moms for the day-to-day way they care for, or have cared for their children; but the work begins long before childbirth.  Today, I celebrate moms that make breakfast, wipe tears, clean cuts, read stories, etc. but I also celebrate moms without kids; moms who have put their all into pregnancies that ended with delivery of a baby that never cried, moms that have miscarried, and mom’s diligently working to conceive. 

Happy Mother’s Day to Every Mom that Is, that wants to be, that tries to be, and has been (even if for a short moment). For the sacrifice, the hardship, the work, the loss, the love and the continued faith of what can and will be, I celebrate you! Happy Mother’s Day!

Little Note of Thanks for my “God-sources”

ImageThis morning, the day of my bi-weekly fast with my dear siblings, I began to be thankful not just for my resources, but for my “God-sources”. If a resource is defined as a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively, then I defined a God-source as a supply of God, his spirit, and his goodness that I need to function effectively.

Thank you Lord for my God-sources. Thank you God for those persons you have placed me with — some from birth, from childhood, and even from the most recent years of my life.  Thank you for the precious sisters, cousins, and ladies that I pray and even fast with weekly or multiple times a month.  They are God’s hands and feet in my life and they strengthen me to be God’s hands in feet in the lives of others.  They are the iron that sharpens me, the prayers that re-align me, and the spirits that continually re-energize and re-focus me on all things “God”.  Without these priceless God sources, my resources would be meaningless.